Feed your AI models with quality data that they deserve

Annotate your computer vision data and discover bottlenecks in your data pipeline so that you can build winning AI models

Supercharged annotations

Cord offers an expanded annotation suite, including native video annotation tools

Supports complex annotations
Cord provides you with enriched, deep meta-tagging features including:
  • Multi-class labels
  • Nested labels

Varied annotation options
Cord supports different types of annotation styles suited for different levels of specificity including:
  • Frame-level classification
  • Bounding boxes
  • Polygons
  • Segmentation

AI-labelling assistant

Improve your annotation efficiency by 20x with our few-shot learning AI assistant

AI assistant
Annotate 5% of your data and let our AI-assistant take care of the rest. Support includes:
  • Frame classifications
  • Multi-object detection
  • Multi-object tracking

AI-powered analytics

Analyze your data bottlenecks to optimize your model performance and export relevant metadata to train your models

Visualize your data on our platform and explore new ways to optimize your models
  • Discover data imbalances
  • Review metadata labels

Use your labelled data to train your models or any other inference work
  • Different output formats
  • Export only relevant tags
  • Multiple AI framework support

Accessing quality data is simple